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Women under estimate their minds when it comes to improving their orgasms. One of the best ways to intensify your orgasm is to create "mood" by lighting a few candles, fantasising about your ideal sexual partner, reading a sexual fantasy book, using lubricants to wet the genitals before masturbating, wearing lingerie, taking a warm bath or even watching pornography can increase your desire. The improved blood flow and mental stimulation combined can create stronger orgasms than just masturbating alone without stimuli.


Learning the art of tantric sex can also improve overall orgasm intensity. Tantric sex involves eliminating orgasms from sexual intercourse by remaining for a long time in the pre-orgasmic state. Doing so enables a richer, more intense connection and fuller orgasm with longer duration when one finally climaxes. Another trick is to use delayed gratification - waiting longer and having longer foreplay before having sex can spice things up a notch. Some couples also swear by having more adventurous sex, namely discreet sex in public, wearing costumes, role playing or acting out fantacies - anything that is out of the ordinary - can improve orgasms.

Exercises such as aerobics, running or anything that gets the heart racing a bit will improve blood flow and thus orgasms. Of course, regular exercise is the key here. Regular exercise also releases endorphins which improves mood due to the "feel good" brain chemicals that circulate (aka Runner's High).

The added benefit of regular exercise is the weight loss - this makes you feel sexier and may improve the speed or quality of your orgasm.

Last but not least, men who help their partners with chores or delivers on romantic displays of affection tend to get more action in the bedroom - no doubt anything that turns women on will also provide an extra boost to their orgasms.

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