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Why Use One?

Vibrators can be used by women who have difficulty reaching orgasm through masturbation or sex. Vibrators can also be used by couples to enhance the pleasure of one or both partners. There is a device available that functions as a small vibrator specifically meant for couples to use during sex. Vibrating butt plugs for penetrating the anus can also qualify as another type of vibrator, which can be used on both sexes.

Difference Between a Dildo and a Vibrator


A dildo typically means a non-vibrating sex toy that penetrates the vagina or anus. A vibrator usually refers to a vibrating sex toy device that vibrates to stimulate the clitoris and also penetrates the vagina or rectum.

For the Shy

If you're a beginner and don't want anyone to hear your bedroom antics, then having a quiet vibrator will go a long way to keeping your new hobby a secret. Beginners new to vibrators (especially those who have never been penetrated before) may want to try thin or shorter dildos to make penetration easier. If penetration is not what you're after, strap on corded remmote control vibrators that only vibrate will provide the vibrations without going inside the vagina. For on the go vibrations, egg or bullet shaped tiny vibrators are also available to insert into the vagina attached to a remote control to adjust the intensity. These waterproof small vibrators are perfect for beginners too. Tip: for first time penetration, use some warmed up water-based lube on the vagina before inserting the dildo.

Sex & The City Rabbit

The Rabbit vibrator was made popular by an episode of Sex & The City ("The Turtle and the Hare") which offered an improved version of the regular vibrator, by having a vibrating and rotating phallus dildo that also included a clitoral stimulator that had rabbit ears. Rabbit vibrators are designed to provide more intense orgasms by offering simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Some now offer varying degrees of rotation, vibration and stimulation. There are also variations of the rabbit which includes the dolphin (for more intense clit stimulation) and the seahorse (which has a tail to offer stimulation to the anus as well as the clitoris).

Kinky Ladies

Thanks to the Fifty Shades of Grey books, ben wa balls have become popular to add an element of kink to one's toy collection. Sometimes known as Venus balls or orgasm balls, they are hollow balls with a small weight on the inside which roll around, attached to a string for easy removal. Other variations do exist, as well as completely solid balls. They work by being inserted into the vagina and worn using pelvic muscles to hold them in, stimulating movement and vibration as you walk. While it doesn't bring on quick orgasms, it is meant to be left in the vagina for a sensual tease. It also works the pelvic floor muscles, helping to strengthen them (tightening the vagina).

For the Lovers

For couples, good vibrations do not have to be a solo act, there are now condoms and cordless/wireless cock rings that offer vibrations to speed up and intensify the woman's orgasm. Cock rings normally work by prolonging an erection or making the penis harder. With a vibrating cock ring, that added stimulation at the base of the penis will be felt whenever the vagina comes into contact with the base of the penis (full penetration). The vibration will be felt on the clitoris. So the double benefits of a harder erection coupled with a strong vibration will sure to heat things up in the bedroom!

For the Queens of Pleasure

If your collection of vibrators are expansive, but are getting bored with vaginal sex toys, try vibrating butt plugs. Butt plugs - as the name suggests - are for insertion into the rectum. With their thin tip for easy insertion, they always must have a stopper (flare bottom) to prevent the anus from swallowing or sucking up the toy (which will make removal embarrassing and difficult). Butt plugs shafts come in various shapes and sizes for different levels of stimulation. Vibrating butt plugs are the ultimate pleasure device for the behind. The vibrations plus the penetration of the anus should deliver multiple stimulatory experience for the user.

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